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Join a community of dream activators, leaders, trainers, coaches, and entrepreneurs who want to be happy and hopeful while doing great things for themselves and others. Join to discover your calling and grow your strengths, and stay to learn the methodology of living your calling and achieving your big goals. 

Join to Do Something Big in your work-life, and get the tools to train or coach clients, employees, or your team to rise to achieve extraordinary results.

Do something big and exciting by joining this ambitious global initiative created by HumaNext, a US company helping leaders, trainers, coaches, and creators around the world with innovative programs used by leading organizations like Dell, UN, World Bank, US Army, and others. 

"Do Something Big" is the latest exciting project in 20 years of training and coaching on emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, creativity and change, inclusion, happiness, leader-shift and relation-shifts

Why to Join Us

Get ready now to do something big in 2024 and beyond.

You are invited to experience a more exciting and rewarding life as you turn passion into action and possibility into purpose and prosperity. 

If you've always wanted to do something big but didn't know exactly what or how, this is the time and place to start.

By joining, you will get regular shots of energy and enthusiasm, giving you the emotional push and best practices you need to start and keep moving toward achieving great goals while feeling happy and fulfilled. 

You will benefit from the experience of other members, and from what we've developed over 20 years at HumaNext that helped leaders and trainers at America's best organizations create dramatic change and achieve great accomplishments.

What you find here is unique: The combination of a vibrant community and a wealth of training tools, tactics, and programs from HumaNext, with a focus on turning passion into action to do something big for your career, your business, or your cause, and help others to it too.

From Passion to Action

  • Regular Renewals
    • Get regular jolts of energetic optimism and ideas to inspire and enrich your work-life. Get empowered with the latest “Positive Psychology” findings and excursions into the frontiers of visionary living from leading organizations and publications.
  • Passionate Community  
    • We are a group of dream activators and we are happy to have you with us.
    • We are people bent on staying happy while doing big things. Crazy? Then “join the madness”. We help each other create magic in our lives. You will benefit from the ideas and experiences of a community of emotionally intelligent people who achieve big goals.
  • Upgrade Your Skills

    • You can upgrade your free membership any time to learn and acquire relevant skills with HumaNext’s powerful training that helped thousands of professionals and trainers in leading organizations elevate their game and enjoy higher rewards.

  • Catapult Your Career
    • Get the support and coaching to rise to a higher level of success in your current work. Our coaching has enabled many professionals to produce dramatic results in both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.
  • Not Just Success - Achieve Significance: Do Something Big!

    • You don’t need to be the best in the world, but the best for the world. 

    • Declare your bold goals for impacting your world and that of others, and get support to help you do something big in your field, or in an entirely new one.

You will get the unique combination of a passionate community committed to the exciting twin goals of happiness and  accomplishments, and an experienced training company providing proven methods and training for doing great things. 

It is comradery for a cause, success with a soul, the magic of mission. It is aspiring to live your calling. It is moving from dreaming to doing. Nothing could be more exciting and rewarding!

Join for free today, and start the exciting adventure of happiness and significance. 

Why Now? The hybrid work-life is filled with possibilities and new opportunities. It is a great time to do something big! Sign up to join today

Powerful Methodology, Measurements, and Models to Guide You with Confidence Toward Your Big Thing

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